Best Online Marketing Method for Beginners

When the internet marketing is dominated by a large company, it is not easy for newcomers in internet marketing to attract the consumers. Moreover, if you have a limited budget for promotion, it would be more difficult for you to beat the internet marketing done by the large companies. It is not only because you against them, but you also compete with the social media and other internet marketing channels. Therefore, before starting your business online, it is better to know the best online marketing method. This method, at least, can be your initial knowledge to stand against social media and large company online marketing strategies.


The Best Online Marketing Method with Tight Budget

The first thing that you have to take note is that although you have to stands against large company, it does not mean that the internet marketing that you have to do needs a lot of money. The best online marketing method, somehow, requires fewer budgets and focuses on its effectiveness.

1. Website and blog promotion

Based on a recent survey, it is proven that the optimization of website, blog, social media and search engine optimization are good methods. Based on the survey data, about 40% surveyed proven that this optimization method able to gain the customer attention. Therefore, this is one of the successful methods among so many online marketing strategies.

2. Nice videos on YouTube and social media

YouTube is one of the popular websites that are known worldwide, it has more than 30 million visitors in a day. Utilizing videos and uploading them on this website is a great idea to promote your products.  You just need to create nice videos, upload and share them. Along with the video tags, use the headline keywords that are most probably searched by your target market, you may also put clear editorial messages on the video captions or inside the videos. You can also put the messages to the viewer to subscribe into your channel. It is considered the best online marketing method now.

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Alternative Windows Operating System You Can Install Easily on Your PC

windows-alternative-osGetting tired of windows operating system that you are currently using. Then, it is time to seek for an alternative windows operating system. You can try a completely new operating system, or an operating system that your friends are currently using. You may already know that there are a plenty of operating systems that are readily used to replace your current windows operating system, those operating system, sometimes, you can get for free, such as linux. While the most common alternative windows operating system gives you Linux or mac OS X choice, actually, those two operating systems are not the only operating system that is able to replace your windows operating system.

Some alternative windows operating systems are developed by large companies so the products are not free. However, there also a plenty of operating systems that are developed as a hobby or small project. Those kinds of operating system are usually open source operating systems; and, you can get the master installation for free.

Alternative Windows Operating System List

1. Linux, free BSD and many more.

This is the most common alternative windows operating system, since it is open source. It is a free product; and users are also able to participate in developing this operating system. This operating system comes in so many different “flavors” such as Ubuntu, Mint, Red hat and so on. the FreeBSD is also the similar one, but it has different kernels. This operating system is also open source. You’ll find many similar apps to Linux when you use this operating system.

2. Mac OS X

This operating system is preinstalled in Mac from Apple. The only thing that this operating system is less preferable for the alternative windows operating system is its license agreement. When you do not have a proper license agreement, there is only limited software that you can use on this operating system.

3. Chrome OS

This OS is built-in Linux kernel. It is originally not a general operating system. It is usually pre-installed on specific laptop. However, there is a way to use it as an operating system on PC.

4. Android

You may know this operating system as the common operating system for smartphone. Yet, this operating system can be the alternative windows operating system. It basically also uses linux kernel, although, practically everything in android OS is different from Linux. You can run this operating system on your PC and replace your Windows OS.


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How to Maintain Your Computer for Great Performance

computer maintenanceNowadays, in the age of cyber crime and modern advanced technology, the use of the computer and internet has developed more and more significant; and this is the main reason why it is truly important to understand more about how to maintain your computer. Computer and internet have become an important part of most people’s lives. Almost in every single aspect in our everyday life, we need computer and internet to make our life become much easier and simpler. Thus, keep maintaining the computer regularly so it is able to work in the best performance every time we need it.

How to Maintain Your Computer Easily?

Everyone will tend to love to work with computers. So, it is extremely important that you know and understand some tips on how to maintain your computer system. First tip is about having a back up data. You can easily back up your data through the flash disk, CD, or even external hardware. It significantly depends on how much data that you have. This can be a very good way on how to maintain your computer effectively. Also, cleaning the dust from your computer can improve its performance and lifespan. Then, keep updating for the hardware and software regularly.

After that, cleaning up the cabling, software, and the OS will also be really relevant if you want to lengthen your computer’s performance and lifespan. Every few month, you need to look at your control panel for finding if there is any software that you do not use anymore. Computers must have the installation disks; and, you may need these disks once your computer is in trouble. So, it is important to start organizing your installation disks. Last but not least, the most important thing to keep in mind on how to maintain your computer is always installing and updating the genuine anti-virus software for preventing from any virus and malware.

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Top Google Chrome Extension: The Lists of the Essential Extensions

Today, web browser as the media for allowing the connection to the internet has become an important part in most people’s lives; and so has the top Google chrome extension. Google chrome has long been known by many people from all around the world as one of the most popular web browsers. People are getting more and more dependent on what is called as the web browser as it is now becoming the home for almost everything we do in our everyday lives.

Top Google Chrome Extension for Easier Access

Google chrome has become the most used web browser worldwide because it has various benefits for the users. For your additional information, it has a swift remarkable performance, a clean interface, as well as the easiness in synchronizing it with any mobile devices. Furthermore, this kind of web browser is also really useful for the top Google chrome extension available on the chrome web store. One great Google chrome extension is what is called as AdBlock. This kind of application can be used to block any advertisement that you do not want it to be appeared in the website you have opened.

chrome extension

Then, we also have a YouTube video downloader. This typical chrome extension will be extremely useful for those who really love to watch some videos from YouTube and they want to save it so they will easily be able to watch their favorite videos anytime they want without having to get online. Sometimes, you will also need to download a Java operating system for ensuring that this video downloader can work well in your browser. For more, installing this downloader will be worth enough with all the benefits you get. And among all those extensions, Gmail is considered to be the most used and the top Google chrome extension.

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How to Browse View Proxy Easily?

If you want to know about how to browse view proxy, you will find many tutorials on the internet. There are a number of reasons why we should use the proxy when accessing the Internet. Usually, it is caused by an unstable Internet connection while you want to access a faster manner. Or, you are living in a country that blocks many sites. To overcome it, you can do it in a computer browser. It is the easiest way so you can immediately resolve the issue.


Three Options to How to Browse View Proxy

There are many ways about how to browse view proxy, and you can do it on some popular browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, or IE. Let’s see the simple steps.

  1. Firefox. Please click on the menu, options, and select the network setting. You change it on manual configuration. Please write proxy, and you can access with your browser.
  2. Chrome. Click the menu located at the top right, and open setting. You will find the advanced setting, click it, and change the proxy settings, LAN Settings. Use a proxy server, and write the proxy and port, check bypass the proxy server, and complete.
  3. IE. Please sign in Internet Options, change settings, and LAN. You’ll change the address and click OK.

There are many proxy options which can be obtained from several sources. Remember that you only use it in certain circumstances. If you like the way it is, you should always change your address. Make sure that you access the internet with a secure connection.

Usually, there are some problems when you cannot access it seamlessly. In fact, the connection can be interrupted without you knowing the cause. At least, you can use it according to your needs. Well, these are a few things you can know about how to browse view proxy.


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