Completely Hide Windows 7 Taskbar with Shortcut Key

Using a docking program like RocketDock or ObjectDock and want to get rid of Windows 7 taskbar but still wants to be able to access it whenever you need? In this case, you’ll need more that the standard auto-hide feature in Windows. My suggestion is use Taskbar Eliminator.

Taskbar Eliminator is the application that enables you to completely hide windows 7 taskbar and display it again everytime you need it back for some reason. What’s more, you can hide and unhide taskbar with a shortcut key. The hotkey isn’t, unfortunately, customizable, but it’s quite easy to remember.


One rule before you run the application for the first time, read the help file. Otherwise, you won’t know how to unhide your taskbar because once you double-click the application, the taskbar instantly disappears, leaving no clue as to how to get it back. The shortcut key to hide and unhide taskbar is written in the help file.

Optionally, you can configure the application to run automatically at Windows start.

Taskbar Eliminator is a free, portable software and works also with Windows Vista and XP in addition to Windows 7.

Download Taskbar Eliminator to hide Windows taskbar from here


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