Crop JPEG, PNG, GIF Pictures Online

crop jpeg onlinePicslice is a good choice if you want to slice or crop jpeg, png or gif online easily. It allows you to upload pictures either from an URL or from your computer. Before proceeding to the cropping or slicing task, you can optionally resize the picture by specifying the pixel width and height.

Once you upload the picture, you can slice it by clicking the SLICE PICTURE link or crop it by clicking the CROP PICTURE link. If you choose to crop it, the cropped image can be instantly downloaded or hosted to imageshack site. If you choose to slice it, you can download only one or more slices by clicking on the slice, or you can download the entire slices at once in a zip file.

online jpeg cropper

Additionally, the picture cropping or slicing can be repeated without having to restarting the whole process from the very beginning. Download it if you like it, repeat it if you don’t like it.

Visit PicSlice to Crop JPEG, PNG, GIF Online

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