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Free Nero 9 version called Nero StartSmart Essentials is the recent move of Nero to market their disc burning software product to a larger audience. You can say that this free version is a streamlined version of the commercial Nero 9 since the size has been reduced from around 400MB to 55MB.

This news probably doesn’t excite those who prefer to use other free disc burning applications like Deepburner or CDBurnerXP, but it probably does for they who can’t afford Nero’s price and seek the way for having Nero 9 burner installed in their computer without having to crack it. If you want Nero burner but hate piracy, then this is it.

Still, don’t expect too much from a free version of a commercial product. It definitely won’t contain all of the features of the Nero 9 full version. You should know that this free version of Nero 9 only offers disc copying and data burning features for CD and DVD. I myself wonder how could 55MB only contains these. There are many other completely free disc burning applications that offers much more features but the size is much smaller than free Nero 9′s.


Free Nero 9 can be downloaded from Nero’s official download page, but you’ll have to provide an email address. If you concern about your privacy, then there are at least two choices. Create a temporary email address or download Nero 9 Free from software download websites like Softpedia. If you download Free Nero 9 from Softpedia, you won’t have to supply any email address.

Anyway, if you decide to download this free version regardless of the limited features, keep in mind that the installation will suggest you to also install Ask Toolbar. You can run free Nero 9 without this unnecessary stuff, so you shouldn’t install it.

In case you already have the full version of Nero 9 but lost the serial number, you can find it with the help of this Nero Serial Number Finder.

Download Free Nero 9 from Softpedia

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  4. #4 by Ivan on June 3, 2010 - 1:55 am

    this is Nero free version so you won’t have to use a serial number to use it. If you want to use the full version please buy it

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