Norton 360 Free 90 Days OEM Product Key

Norton 360 is one of the Symantec software products which is promoted as an all-in-one security program. It includes a number of protection features such as firewall and anti malware while giving users option to perform PC tuning and automatic backups. Norton 360 v5 is the latest version right now that comes with some improvements.

Norton 360 v5 is already available for users to purchase. A free trial version is also provided for users who want to give it a try. However, the normal free usage for the trial version is only 30 days, a length of period that some users don’t feel enough. This is from where, maybe, a promotion that offers Norton 360 90 days free comes up.

Norton 360 v5 free 90 days with OEM product key is being offered. Before downloading the installer, however, some of you might want to know what this new version has to offer.

Main features of Norton 360 v5

  • It is designed to be able to detect virus, spam, spyware, rootkit, suspicious behavior and phishing.
  • The silent mode is a condition where you can still leave Norton to work on the background without interrupting your game playing.
  • Get Norton to automatically scan computer at a scheduled time with the built-in scheduler.
  • It scans files that you’re downloading to make sure that they’re clean.
  • Norton Bootable Recovery is included for emergency access when your PC cannot be started after being infected.

free product key

Download Norton 360 v5 free for 90 days

Download the installer, and if it is worth to be in your system, you can buy the software after the 90 days license expires.

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  1. #1 by chukzy on April 26, 2011 - 12:43 pm

    Just got a laptop and think i would like to try norton since many have put in very good words about it

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    I have been using Norton for many years and this is the best

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    I would like to try norton since many have put in

    very good words about it.

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    I would like to try norton since many have put in

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