Portable Free Docx Viewer to View Docx Files Without MS Office

If a friend of yours send you a docx file while you don’t have Microsoft Office, the easiest way to read the document is to get a third-party docx viewer. There are many of them. For example, Open Office lets you even more than just viewing docx files. It’s probably the most suggested alternative if you want to edit a docx file even though you can only save it in different formats after finishing the editing. Still, if you want to just open a docx file, Open Office might be too big for it. Alternatively, you can use a pure docx viewer.


Docx Viewer, that’s how it’s called, is a free program to merely open a docx file so that you can read what is inside. It’s weigh only 320Kb and works for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It doesn’t require any previous Microsoft Office to be installed to be able to use the program. It can only open docx files, but it can come very handy if you only need to view docx files without making any editing.

Download Docx Viewer

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