Recover Facebook Password Without Email

Normally, you can always recover your Facebook password easily by using the Facebook password recovery feature when you suddenly forget it. However, this method requires the email address that you used to register the account. What if you lost your email password at the same time, making you unable to access the email and, thus, cannot use it to restore your Facebook account? While the chances of losing passwords for both of your Facebook account and email address at the same time are pretty low, it would be nice to have an option where you can recover your Facebook password without email.

“Trusted Friends” is a new security feature from Facebook to help users to get their Facebook account back without their emails. It is a new method to prove who you are by contacting your friends when you’re completely locked out. This feature lets you appoint 3 to 5 friends on Facebook whom will be contacted by Facebook later on. The social network will send a code to each of these friends. You’ll be required to enter these codes to open your locked account.

Undoubtedly, we all want everything to be done fast, especially when it comes to resetting a password. This method offers a nice way of restoring your forgotten password when you lose contact with your email at the same time, but it is much slower than the normal password reset method. Nevertheless, it is still a good option to have than having no option at all, isn’t it? You can read more about this new feature on Facebook.

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