Slow Adobe Reader? How to Make it Faster

adobe_reader_logoAdobe Reader is perhaps still the pdf reader that most people download all this time. Some prefer the alternatives that have smaller size and can open pdf faster, but many others keep using Adobe Reader due to at least two possible reasons: they don’t know that there are free alternatives to Adobe Reader, or they want to make sure that they can open any pdf file no matter how it is formatted. Which one is your reason of keeping Adobe Reader installed?

Slow loading is a problem that Adobe Reader users still have to deal with though the developer has tried to improve the speed up to now, and this is one of the main causes why some people decide to uninstall it. For anyone that want to overcome the slow loading of Adobe Reader, here you are some solutions to consider about.

Adobe Reader SpeedUp

What makes Adobe Reader slow is it always loads all plugins everytime it opens a pdf file even though some of them aren’t needed. Hence, you can speed up Adobe Reader if you limit or reduce the amount of the plugins loaded. One of the programs that can do so is Adobe Reader Speedup.


Adobe Reader Speedup automatically scans your system to find which Adobe Reader version installed. Then you can disable any plugin that you think is unnecessary. Be careful, though, as removing plugins can cause certain pdf documents cannot be opened properly. You should read the function of each plugin before you decide to disable it.

While you can disable plugin manually, you might interested in using the available profiles: Fast and Turbo. If you want to open Adobe Reader as fast as opening Notepad, select Turbo mode. However, once again, read the Adobe Reader plugin help section first before you decide which profile you want to take.

Download Adobe Reader Speedup from here

PDF Speedup

Another alternative to overcome slow Adobe Reader using the same way is PDF Speedup. Beside giving you option to disable Adobe Reader plugins, it also offers some options to enhance the speed like removing the splash screen and turn off the updates features.

Here you are some of the features PDF Speedup offers:

  • Free PDF Tweak Utility for Adobe Acrobat 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Adobe Reader 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
  • Enable or disable the plug-ins as needed
  • Turn off all Updates features
  • Disable splash screen during program startup
  • Remove the My eBooks folder created in My Documents
  • Turn off Adobe products advertisements in the upper-right corner of the toolbar
  • Remove PrintMe and Adobe Reader icons
  • Disable Browser Integration
  • Disable confirmation dialog when closing Adobe Reader
  • Better speed for LAN and Cable connection
  • Clear Adobe Reader Recent Files History
  • Restore to original settings at any time


PDF Speedup is a freeware that works with Adobe Reader versions 5 through 9.

Download PDF Speedup from here (Scroll down to the middle to find the download link)

Slow Adobe Reader? Use the Alternatives!

The two plugins remover. above can increase the speed of Adobe Reader significantly, depending on how many plugins you disable. But the size remains. If you want to save some of your hard drive space, you can uninstall Adobe Reader and replace it with free alternatives.

There are many free alternatives available that have smaller size. Some of the popular ones are Foxit Reader and Sumatra PDF Reader. There are even a so-called Adobe Reader Lite, which is a streamlined version of Adobe Reader. Some features and some rarely-used plugins are removed in this lite version to offer Adobe Reader capability in smaller package.

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    How to Make Adobe faster? Why? There are many easy ant fast alternatives one-size-fits-all. I prefer PDF-XChange! Without doubt the fastest, most feature rich alternative to Acrobat available – and unless you need really advanced features – its free!

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