Uninstall Java Runtime Environment Completely In One Click

Java Runtime Environment is required for some applications to be able to run properly on your system. There are also many websites and online application that requires Java to be installed to be able to use their features without trouble. If you often use programs or visit sites that runs on Java platform, then there is no choice for you but to keep Java in your system. The problem is, everytime you update your Java, the previous Java version is left behind in your system. So, it is possible that you currently have several Java versions installed in your system at this time. Unless you want to uninstall each of them one by one manually, you should use Javara.

uninstall java

uninstall java

Javara is a portable application designed to ease Java uninstallation. It lets you uninstall Java completely from your computer even if there are several versions installed. Beside being able to completely uninstall Java, you can also utilize this free program to make the size of your installed Java smaller by removing unnecessary features like startup entry and Sun Download Manager.

By uninstalling all previous Java Runtime Environment versions, you will gain more free space in your disk. Javara also makes updating Java easier as well. So, if you need to easil uninstall Java from your computer, try to use Javara.

Download Javara to completely uninstall Java

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