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Bootrec /fixboot Element Not Found in CMD

Bootrec /fixboot Element Not Found in CMD

Bootrec /fixboot Element Not Found in CMD

Geeks - It sounds like you're trying to use the bootrec command in the Windows Command Prompt to fix a boot issue on your computer. The "Element Not Found" error message typically indicates that the specified file or directory could not be found. This can be caused by a number of things, including a damaged or corrupted boot record, a missing or damaged boot configuration file, or a problem with the hardware on your computer.

To resolve this issue, try the following steps:

Boot your computer from a Windows installation media (such as a DVD or USB drive) and select the "Repair your computer" option.

In the "Choose an option" screen, select "Troubleshoot" and then "Advanced options".

Select "Command Prompt" and type the following commands, pressing Enter after each one:

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bootrec /fixmbr

bootrec /fixboot

bootrec /rebuildbcd

These commands will attempt to repair the boot record and the boot configuration data on your computer.

If these steps don't work, you may need to try more advanced troubleshooting steps, such as using the sfc command to repair damaged system files, or using the chkdsk command to check for and fix errors on your hard drive. You may also need to try restoring your computer from a system backup or reinstalling Windows.

It's always a good idea to create a system backup before attempting any advanced troubleshooting steps, as there is always a risk of data loss or other problems. If you're unsure how to proceed, it may be best to seek assistance from a qualified computer technician.

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